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March 18, 2020
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September 25, 2020

Gambling on online slots in Indonesia is one of the most popular ways to bet. This is especially true for those who do not gamble on sports very often.

With many online judi slot games to choose from, however, any beginner should probably begin with those that are the top games.

After all, there is a reason why some games are more popular than others and why millions of Indonesians love to play them every month.


Adventure slot games — Some of the top online slot games in Indonesia are adventure-themed games.

These are machines like Book of Ra, The Wizard of Oz, Gonzo’s Quest, Lord of the Ocean, Golden Ark and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

These online slot games tend to be loud, colorful and well-designed, and with many different paylines to bet on. If you go on Youtube, you can find quite a few cool videos of people actually winning a decent sum of money on these games. If they are staged or not, who knows? But it’s still fun to watch 🙂


TV show-themed games — Indonesians’ top online slot games also include the same TV show-themed games westerners enjoy betting on when they gamble on the slots.

These slots are usually based on shows like Game of Thrones, American Dad, Chef Wars, Golden Girls, Deal or No Deal, The X-Files and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.

These slots also promise large payouts and a lot of fun while playing them.


Food-themed slots — People all over the world love food and drink and Indonesians are no exception. Many of them also put food-themed slots as their top online slot games when asked, with drink-themed slot machines making it into the top spots as well.

These fun games are based on favorite meals, the most tasty fruits, desserts and sweets, fruit drinks and even meals like hamburgers, pizza and popular Indonesian foods like beef satay.

Just about the only food and drink based slots that are not very popular in Indonesia are those based on alcohol. That is because most Indonesians are Muslim and so do not drink.


Casino-style slot machine games — Many Indonesians love to gamble on casino-style games like blackjack, poker and roulette. That is why, when they gamble on the slots, they will often look for casino game-themed slots as well.

These types of slot machines come in everything from poker to baccarat and blackjack to bingo, which is why they are also some of the top online slot games for gambling in Indonesia.

In closing, most of the top games that are the most popular with Indonesians tend to offer many playlines to bet on, fun themes, loud music and sound effects and with bright and colorful designs.

These themed games can be on online games that offer both fixed and progressive slots. Even video slot machine games are popular with Indonesian gamblers if the specific themes a casino offers on the machines are interesting.

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